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Monday, May 09, 2005


Adolescent boys, wails the Toronto columnist Margaret Wente, "are horrible human beings – unsocialized, inarticulate, sometimes savage little jerks with raging hormones and no judgment."

Lately she's been noticing boys, and doesn't like them.

They jump off rocks and break their legs. They smoke dope. They steal cars. "They're a menace to themselves and society."

What a pity that Ms. Wente is not more familiar with the observations and disclosures being made by Christina Hoff Sommers and certain other intelligent American women who for some years have been putting out highly documented warnings that the education of boys has been "feminized."

Examine the family background of millions of male youngsters and you discover certain probabilities.

The parents of many boys were long-ago divorced and the boys were raised by hard-working, close-to-the-poverty-line, single mothers. They may see their fathers every other weekend, or once a month, or possibly not at all.

Boys present a distinct educational problem. Far more than girls, they'll push the boundaries of acceptable conduct. In the bad, old, brutal past, those boundaries were known and reinforced in most instances with a stick, wielded by a very-much-at-home father.

Today, any mother or father who wields such a weapon stands a good chance of criminal prosecution. So mother doesn't do this. Instead, she reasons and explains, as the social workers and educators insist. The response is one of contemptuous defiance. Mother can do nothing.

At age five or so, our specimen young male starts school. Here for the next six years or more he will encounters a regimen of female teachers, for whom he will be a consummate nuisance, worse each year. Gradually, efforts to educate him will be abandoned and replaced by efforts to entertain and divert him.

Meanwhile, our candidate will have been urged by his mother to join a Cub pack. But she will discover that the Scouting movement has great difficulty recruiting Cub masters, so most are women. If our boy goes to church, most of the Sunday school teachers will be women. In fact, in some mainline churches, practically the whole congregation will be women.

The boy will have noticed other things. As a normal human male, he will have a strong instinct to compete, and, if he is physically adept, a similarly strong instinct to fight. Both these inclinations will be vigorously thwarted – not with blows of course, but with appeals of ever diminishing effect to his endlessly pulverized conscience. Soon, he will have reached the unalterable conclusion that everything that seems natural and enjoyable to him is socially unacceptable and morally bad.

He will quit high school, where four out of five dropouts are boys. As a consequence, university enrollments once 60 percent male are now 60 percent female, and the female proportion keeps rising.

One day, our boy may come to see where his academic deficiency lay. He wasn't born a girl.

So what is the solution to Margaret Wente's problem? It's not all that complicated. We must run boys' schools, with no girls, male teachers, strict rules enforced if need be by the strap, and firm pass-or-fail standards, schools that teach mathematics as a top priority, plus real history – not social studies, traditionalist literature, structured language...

What will the educators say? Most, not all, will be appalled, but it doesn't matter. Fire them, and get some new educators – the kind who know what they're doing, and have reached the astounding conclusion that boys and girls are different.

Written by Ted Byfield

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