Gathered together are a number of articles related to how men and boys are treated by society and the media. The articles, for the most part, concentrate on misandry, domestic violence and female violence and reflect an anti-RADICAL FEMINIST viewpoint. Although articles are pro-male, they are not anti-female.

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Monday, May 09, 2005


misandry (mis'-an'-dre') n. the hatred or oppression of males.

Acts of bigotry and misandry include:

(1) the desire or act to subjugate or oppress or punish or harm or injure, or murder a male because of his gender.
(2) the deliberate preference of a female's lie against the truth.
(3) the belief that no father can be a fit parent.
(4) the assumption that masculinity, male physiology, and male hormones cause males to become evil, sexually abusive, oppressive, and violent. The parallel assumption is we must raise boys as we do girls, in the image of misandry, without regard to a child's unique qualities, preferences, hopes, and desires.
(5) the assumption that every male is or can become sexually abusive, oppressive, and violent.
(6) the assumption that females cannot be sexually abusive, oppressive, and violent.
(7) the attribution of negative qualities and humanity's historic evils to the entire male gender while ignoring female culpability.
(8) the promulgation of false statistics against males regarding rape and family violence. The parallel assertion that female acts of abuse and violence against males are insignificant and are justified as self-defense.
(9) the tolerance of female violence and abuse toward males.
(10) the suppression of evidence of a female’s violence and abuse toward a male.
(11) the encouragement or reporting or supporting or the toleration of false allegations and charges against a male because of his gender.
(12) lying or the deliberate creation of false information against any male because of his gender.
(13) the deliberate suppression or distortion of facts showing a female’s guilt or a male's innocence.
(14) the suppression or distortion of a male's testimony because of his gender.
(15) the falsification of transcripts, police reports, court reports, and evidence to adversely affect a male because of his gender.
(16) the denial of historic male spiritual, intellectual, humanitarian, and material contributions to civilization.
(17) the act of coercing women to lie against their husbands.
(18) the act of coercing children to lie against their fathers.
(19) the act of encouraging or instructing females to contrive, or testify to, false allegations
(20) the act of making false allegations of family violence, child abuse, child molestation, or rape against a male.
(21) the act of falsely testifying against a male to support false allegations of family violence, child abuse, child molestation, or rape.
(22) blaming males for all psychological and social maladies.
(23) encouraging or persuading another to lie against a male because of his gender.
(24) the abuse of a male for personal satisfaction or material gain.
(25) the failure to provide males equal protection under the law.
(26) the use of female pronouns to refer to victims and male pronouns to refer to assailants, rapists, and suspects.
(27) the actual or tacit toleration of mental, physical, or sexual abuse upon a male by a female.
(28) the actual or tacit toleration of any act of depravity upon a male.

Other Parts of Speech

misandrous (mis'-an'-drΛs) adj. (1) practicing misandry (2) of or characterized by misandry.
misandric (mis'-an'-dric) adj. characterized by misandry.
misandrist (mis-an'-drist) n. one who practices misandry.

Dealing with Misandry

Misandry is a world wide problem. Those who practice misandry abuse men, women, and children. These purveyors of hate do not support the right of all people to live safely and free of false accusations. They do not care about the damage they cause. They want to exercise their personal power and influence over others.

Most people are not aware of what is happening in our courts. So, become informed about gender and accusatorial preference in our courts. Take note of this behavior and discuss it with others.

The greatest danger is that judges, prosecutors, and others possess immunities that protect them from criminal prosecution and civil liability for their public crimes and civil torts. These persons are not subject to public scrutiny and accountability.

Change the law and provide reparations, restitution, and redress for those who have been wronged. Outlaw immunity. Demand punishment of any public official or other person who has lied or used coercive or oppressive measures to, or in an attempt to, imprison, or distress another. Demand changes in the law that removes the statutes of limitations for these crimes.

Misandry, misogyny, and accusatorial preferences have no place in our society. We cannot have equality and opportunity when gender preference is so prevalent in our justice courts.

Written by Edward S. Nunes

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